martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

Appearance and reality, two different faces

We all think that real circus is like circus in American films; a fantastic life, where you are the unique person who can guide your life and future, where you can do whatever you want, the perfect life.
I have never lived in a circus and neither is my intention but I’m absolutely sure that all what I said before is only an illusion. The reality is much harder; is a continue feeling of self-improvement, of putting you in danger, you have to renew your show in order to not stay back, one way to go further.
But we all know that circus life is not only about jugglers or people who spit fire but what really cheer people to come to the circus is the animals.
When I was a child, the idea of the circus was not very close to me, it seemed indifferent to me and until I was 13 I didn’t see a show. Sincerely, I felt disappointed with the fact that there weren’t animals in the show. To see a bear riding a bicycle and tigers passing through a hoop of fire gives too much impression.
I grew up and I started reading articles in Internet; the cruelty towards the animals, both physical and psychologically abuse, not feeding or electrocuting them… I had the feeling that all these facts were very far from me. It was impossible that all of these happen in such a developed country as Spain.
But…what happens behind the scene? What kind of life artists have? What about animals? What is hidden behind the curtain?
I have seen lots of videos about people in circus mistreating animals. We don’t have any right to treat thereby. Elephant calves hit with sticks, electrocuted and tied with ropes in order to teach them what they have to do in the shows. These people use the fear to keep them submitted.
I have said that circus life is not what it seems. The biggest part of the attraction of a kind of entertainment like this is the animals and whether the society doesn’t change, this neither. A lot of laws, like the law nº 1638 established the 27th of June of 2013, have been carried out for the purpose of forbidding any kind of performance with animals.
Next year I will be studying environment biology in Barcelona and with this I want you to know that I love animals. I cannot see them suffering, being mistreated or tortured, animals are not ours and we haven’t got any right to punish them. Animals are not objects without soul, they are living beings so they have the right to be treated as they deserve.
I feel impotence when I see any animal suffering without doing anything. It was for this reason that I decided to create a blog. When I talk with someone about this topic, this person says that we cannot do anything and I think that this is not true. We have to fight in order to achieve what we want and little by little we will be able to do something big.

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